DRAGON BALL Legends is the best DRAGON BALL experience on mobile devices! The DB animation action RPG game features epic 3D visuals and animations that tell the story of the original story based on a new character designed by Akira Toriyama, a mysterious Saiyan known as Charlotte.

After collecting six characters and forming a team, up to three players from the team will participate in the battle. However, three people are not fighting at the same time, and they can replace them with other members before they lose their stamina.

However, if a unit is replaced, it is impossible to replace it for a certain period of time, so it shall be carefully considered whether to replace it in consideration of its excellence or physical strength, etc.

In order to use the art card, the force required by the card is automatically filled when you press the screen, and the character takes up the position of collecting energy and restores it quickly.

And there’s an avoidance system called ‘panning’ where you can avoid an opponent’s attack once. After avoiding an opponent’s attack, the bending gauge is exhausted and cannot be used until it is filled. Moving or staying still will slowly charge the gauge, and will not charge it in the event of an attack or rush, or when charging energy quickly. Alternatively, the bending gauge is immediately filled with glue if it is hit by an opponent’s art attack or if the caricature is changed. One thing to pay attention to is that using an art card or hitting a flat hit during a bending motion will cause a typo.

There is an art card with a dragon ball on it, and the dragon ball is filled on the right screen. When all seven dragon balls are filled, they will be able to use a powerful technique called Rising Rush. The Rising Rush chews all art except for the slugging power and some specialities [3] If hit, the seesaw player pays for one of his current art cards, and the opponent compares it to one of his four art cards.


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