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The first few days in the trash can can be hard. So we created a small guidebook for fellow survivors to adapt to this new and dangerous world! But remember! This game is still an early beta game, so some changes may occur over time. Nevertheless, it will provide you with basic preparations to start.

“…I’ve lived this long because I’ve always been afraid of the worst and prepared for it.” – Flashman

LDOE:S (last day on Earth: Survival) is a zombie survival game played along the lines of DayZ or H1Z1 (or 7 Days, Ark, etc.). Your goal is to survive in hostile environments. We must build a base, gather resources, and stop the invaders from dying.

You will spawn in the land that will be your home. Initially, they will have basic resources such as stones, trees, berries, iron deposits, and zombies/wolf/deer. This area will serve as your shelter in the world and its resources will not be revived. You may notice that your food/water is already falling fast, but don’t worry about it. Your first goal is to survive and collect food to prevent starvation. You will need to expand the area so that you can later place useful buildings such as campfires, furnaces, small boxes, etc.

Starting from Beta v.1.9.4, meat dryers, cozyshopa, house plants, small boxes, tables, CB radio (unconfirmed), and gun benches (unconfirmed) on the 2x4th to 3rd floor will start as partial bases. When you interact with a meat dryer, there are beef grapes in the meat dryer. (usually 2-3)

There will be an old pickup truck that does scrap/remove. The interior can be equipped with cleavers to cause greater damage, and a thick jacket can be worn for protection, but the durability of weapons and armor should be noted. This container can also be used as a storage container. If other players attack, they are rarely protected, but up to 150 levels are not protected.

TIP – To kill deer, wild turkeys, or foxes, sneak behind them with melee weapons (recommended to use spares to shoot one shot) and do more damage. (usually 3 times)

First, pine logs and limestone are brought from the ground to make an axe. Don’t panic if zombies or wolves approach you. Anything you find on this map can be easily killed, so just run away. If you suffer too much damage, scratch off the strawberries – strawberries will be your main source of healing in the near future.


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