Digimon Rearis is a role-playing game that enjoys all kinds of adventures in the Digimon universe. It is an RPG that contains original stories dedicated to smartphones that can discover new digimons such as Agumon, DijIomon, and Kabumon as well as classical music.

Some strange digital creatures called Spirals are destroying both the digital and human worlds. Your mission is to track them down as you investigate further where they come from. Up to five Digimon players on the team participate in a turn-around fight.

The character automatically attacks the enemy, but the character’s special ability allows you to choose when to remove the enemy’s waves. When the battle is over, you receive various rewards. Furthermore, more battles can improve your relationship with Digimon.

Not only can you level up collected digimons, but you can also provide different kinds of objects to train digimons and improve relationships. All this is the way to the Digiev solution. The best way is to increase the power by more than 10 times.

Digimon Reariz is a superfun RPG designed and illustrated by Katsuyoshi Nakatsuru, one of Digimon’s original designers. RPGs waiting to be caught in many game modes and many new digimons.


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