The game features similar gameplay elements to The Alchemist Code by Gumi and the Final Fantasy Tactics series of games, especially Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions, such as a 3D, grid-based map and turn-based tactical combat. Elements common to many games of the Final Fantasy series, such as Esper summoning are also present.

Other aspects of gameplay are similar to the original Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, with free-to-play features such as gacha systems for ‘summoning’ new characters to use in combat, including via in-app microtransactions. Each character includes a level progression system, and the ability to unlock new abilities.

The game’s dialogue is fully voice-acted, and the global release includes dual audio language options.

The peak of tactical combat with varying elevations in 3D terrain. Each battle uses a unique strategy aimed at winning.
Auto battle and improved speed can also be set, making it easy for beginners to play.
Similar to the previous FINAL FANTASY titles, characters can win or lose with a special move called Limit Bursts, which features impressive displays and powerful attacks!
The familiar Spurs of the final fantasy series appear in CG animation to support the amazing power of the players.

To obtain a new task, raise the device to the task system. Each device also has elements that can be used to cause greater damage to the enemy. Leverage work systems and elements to gain an edge in battle.


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