Start your life’s busiest journey with Adventure It Takes Two, a cross-genre collaboration platform. Invite your friends to join us for free* and overcome the challenges of fun and innovative gameplay. Play with Cody and May, a very different couple who turned into magical dolls. Trapped together in a fantastic world where unpredictable things are hiding in every corner, the two should restore their broken relationship and join forces, even if they are unwilling.

The character must be good at dealing with the ability to connect uniquely to each new level. We overcome unpredictable obstacles together and enjoy moments filled with laughter. Kick the evil squirrel’s tail, manipulate his underwear, become a DJ in a noisy nightclub, sled through a magical snow globe. From a unique and metaphorical experience, feel a mixture of deep, pleasant stories and gameplay.

key features
Complete collaborative play—Enjoy your friends for free* and experience your own thrilling adventure. Choose either local collaboration or screen split online collaboration and work together to overcome ever-changing future challenges.

From the ruckus of vacuum cleaners to love professionals, who will you face next? Filled with cross-genre challenges and new character techniques that can be learned at any stage, the game offers a metaphorical combination of storytelling and gameplay beyond the boundaries of interaction storytelling.

A story about a relationship that anyone can relate to—A story of emotion and sincerity is slowly revealed in the challenge of being together. Please help Cody and May overcome their differences.


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