It depicts an important moment in the history of the Three Kingdoms. Total War’s Symbolic Many Warlords: The Three Kingdoms have now passed away and become a catalyst for new warlords to make plays for their own dynasties.

“Betrayal of the World” not only adds more factions to the South, but also includes the following.

All sons are born in the shadow of their fathers. That is more than they define.

This year, 194 C.E. and seemingly unstoppable tyrant Dongjuo died for two years. But the blow to his death did not come from the hands of the enemy. The blade belonged to his adopted son Lubu.

After Dongjuo’s death, Lubu quickly hung out with the surrounding warlords and became loyal. Having taken away Jojo’s land and gained more opportunities while away to avenge his father’s death, he now runs away from Jojo and his allies to prove his fighting power and seek more ways to defeat the Chinese heroes.

Follicle two new fan factions and chaengneun, led by people.
13 factions, good to play.
New unique battlefield equipment.
The new party.
A new story with a mission.
A new a legend.
The event, a new story.
Departure date ce is completely new construction of 194.
Momentum :
Good : transfering
Historic reduction in the conflict between the morning and the hair follicle in entrance fees.
After, loyalty and changes in the fall away the hair follicle and Liu Bei?
Betray your generals, please? : split factions is follicle
When follicle, playing a game.You can learn new unit, two, too.
Camp crushers (sword with both hands in the infantry).
The (steel wire armoured cavalry. the impact.) wing.
Heritage : wu
Good luck started : in 1987.
Guide my hand and conquer the passion and boundless ambition of this book, reckless confidence in Korea.


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