Fast 3v3 Mobile Multi-Play Battle Royale! Play individual or team matches in different 3 minute game modes.

Open and upgrade various broilers armed with powerful special abilities, star power, and gadgets! Gather your special skins and show them off. Fight in various and mysterious places in the world of Braxtar!

  • Jem Grab (3v3): Join the team to break your opponent with a better strategy. Win with 10 gems together! If it is destroyed, you will lose your jewelry.
  • Showdown (solo/duo): Battle of royal survival mode. Gather the power-ups and survive. Survive to the end in premarital duo or solo mode. The winner takes everything!
  • BROBOL (3 vs3): Dealing with enemies is not the only formula for victory! He scored two goals ahead of his opponent in the battlefield. The red card does not exist.
  • Bounty (3 vs3): Kill your opponent and follow the stars. The team with more stars wins!
  • HIST (3v3): Protect your safe and destroy your opponent’s safe. Move the map, blow up the other person, and run to the safe.
  • Special events: special PvE and PvP game modes for a limited time
  • Championship Challenge: In-game qualification for Braulstars eSports!

Collect and upgrade a variety of broilers armed with powerful special abilities, star power, and equipment! Level the broiler and collect special leather.

Challenging exploration, reward-filled baking boxes, jewelry, pins, and even baked leather! The content is updated every season.

Show off your skills by topping the local charts!

Please look forward to continuously updating to broiler, skin, map, special events, and game modes.

  • Note: Brollstar can be downloaded free of charge, but some game items can be purchased in cash. To disable in-app purchasing, block in-app purchases in your device settings. You must also be at least 9 years of age to download and play Broolstars in accordance with the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.


  • Real-time 3-3 combat with athletes from all over the world
  • Quick 3v3 Mobile Multi-Play Battle Royal Mode
  • Unlock and collect a wide range of powerful broilers to support unique general/special attacks
  • New event and game modes every day
  • Battle alone or with friends
  • Challenge the top in the Global or Regional Ranking Table.
  • Create or join a club with friends to share tips and fight together.
  • Decorate the broiler by loosening various skins.
  • Challenge the Player Design Map


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