Mafia 2 Definitive Edition Free Download

Remastered with stunning HD details, leading to gang life during the golden age of organized crime. The war hero, Vito Scalletta, gets entangled with the crowd to pay off his father’s debts. With his friend Joe, Vito works to prove himself, climbing the family ladder with greater rewards, status, and consequential crimes.

Golden Age Drama:

Inspired by the iconic Mafia drama, focus on the escape of attractive and impossible life as a wise man in the Mafia.

Empire Bay, New York:

After World War II, Empire Bay, New York, where opportunities and organized crime thrive.

Fully remastered favorites:

For the first time, the Mafia II crime drama was presented in a package with amazing HD details.

Includes the main game and all DLCs released.

Mafia, Second Story – Empire Bay, New York, 1940s and 50s.
Be a gangster who lived the golden age of crime in this HD remaster. Veteran Vito Scarlett becomes a mafia to pay off his father’s debts. Along with his friend Joe, Vito and his friend prove their abilities, rising to a higher position in the family, resulting in greater rewards and results.

Golden Age Drama:
Inspired by the famous Mafia Fiction, the story gives a taste of the Mafia member’s fantasy and the reality that he cannot escape.

Empire Bay, New York:
After World War II, New York’s Empire Bay is a city full of opportunities and thriving criminal gangs due to the post-war economic boom in the United States.

Fully remastered masterpiece:
For the first time, all Mafia II crime dramas will be packed with HD images.

If there is a limited edition of Mafia II, Vito’s leather jacket and vehicle will be released from the limited edition of Mafia and Mafia III.


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