The Legend of Heroes Sen no Kiseki 3 Free Download

The story RPG ‘Track Series’, which attracts both male and female gamers at home and abroad with its delicate character description and grand story, and increases the number of fans as the work continues. One of the series features a PC version of “The Legend of Heroes’ Trajectory III” featuring the great military nation, the Erebonia Empire, after the end of the civil war!

With the addition of “High Speed Skip Mode” and “Battle Auto Mode” in the “Trace III Super Price” version released in Japan, the STEAM version allows you to switch events, fields, and battles up to 6x for a more enjoyable game experience.

Seven Commandments 1206-Erebonian Empire marks the turning point of a new era with the end of the civil war.
A new story of young heroes begins with Lynn Schwarzer, a young man who became a hero in the Empire as a grey knight–
— TORZ Military Academy Reeves II. Unlike the main school, the branch of the “fallen” who accepted noble children, troublemakers, and foreigners with stories.
Among the three classes were So In-won’s special task class, where Lin was the homeroom teacher.


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