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‘Eternal Gods’ can create the world and move events. Once they come into the world, they can no longer control it and must believe that the person will be right by what they have made. After many worlds were destroyed by human enthusiasm for war, the gods came up with solutions. They created a monster called the Great Exiler, which happens in the sea every 900 years. And if humans don’t work together to destroy it, the giant beast will destroy everything. Humans will have to start over.

As the game was held, the monster reappeared from the sea, and it must take up arms against it.

Into the Eternal is a large action RPG combining third-person combat and metropolitan-style combat worldwide. When exploring the great world in the third person, it will be a smooth transition to a side-scrolling battle over the shoulder. Explore a huge world with secrets every moment. You can loot caves to find new abilities, enter the world of souls to find lost treasures, track down the trophy monsters of the hunter guild, buy farms, grow crops, sicken your soul, and help other players.


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