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Euro Truck Simulator 2 is a sequel to the 18 Wheels of Steel series.

Although it is said to be a follow-up to ETS2, the previous work is so successful and continuously updated that it is safe to think of it as a spin-off title in the U.S. background of using the interface of ETS2. SCS software did not have much fun with the 18 Wheels of Steel series in the past, but returned to the U.S. despite its huge success with the ETS series set in Europe.

As the background changes to the United States, you can taste the weather of the New World. Unlike Europe, cities are located along cool roads along cool roads, making the delivery route relatively simple. The city continues like the Gyeongbu Expressway.

Small rural villages are also described in detail, but major metropolitan streets are farther apart, and instead you can enjoy a variety of landscapes, ranging from small towns in the middle to quiet rural villages and deserts. Especially, the night view of San Francisco, which you can enjoy across the Baybridge from Auckland, is amazing. Also, as you pass through the desert, you can see the rotator rolling.


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