Jurassic World Evolution
Experience the wonders, dignity, and fear of living dinosaurs while working on the legendary island of Muertes. Build scientific, recreational, or security interests in an uncertain but always-living world.
With biotechnology, create dinosaurs that think and feel intelligently and respond to the world around them. It studies life itself, gives dinosaurs unique behaviors, characteristics, and looks, and uses them to fund the search for DNA that dinosaurs around the world have disappeared.
Leverage deep management tools to control the entire situation or respond directly to problems on the ground or in the air. Expand the island and choose to travel to a whole new story. Representative characters of decades of tradition and Jurassic stories unfold in front of you.

There is not enough time to protect the remaining dinosaurs in the ruined Islanubla. Farada with former Jurassic World Operations Manager Claire Dearing.Face new challenges by setting up a new home on the Isles island of Rest.

Release 3 new meat-eating dinosaurs to the park and watch the chaos that dinosaurs make. These threatening predators will challenge all park rangers. Don’t underestimate the dinosaurs. The success of the park could be at stake


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