It is an EOS continent consisting of two great powers, the Kingdom of Lucis, the Empire of Niflheim, and its neighbors.

In Ios, the Kingdom of Lucis was waging a long war with the Niflheim Empire, which had dreamed of reunifying the continent.

The Niflheim Empire was occupying the surrounding countries with outstanding technology and the power of the Mado soldiers they created to defend the Kingdom of Lucia.

Unlike the rest of Ios, the only state against the Niflheim Empire, the legitimate successor to Lukis is powered by the mysterious Crystal and the deified Niflheim Empire.

During the long battle between Lucis and Niflheim, the Emperor of Aden-Iznia came to Insomnia and offered King Regis a peace treaty on condition that all Lucis territories and neighboring countries except Insomnia were subjugated to the Empire.

Knowing the disadvantages of the war, King Regis accepts them and heads to Altissier, where he and his staff Ignis Scientia, Guardian Gladiolus Amitia and friend Profmo Argentum are married in case of worst-case scenario.


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