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Velvet Return
The return of the main character Velvet, who had a shocking experience three years before the game, begins the journey of self-discovery. Velvet must sail across the sea with pirates ready for battle, and visit several islands that make up the sacred Kingdom of Migand in a completely new adventure developed by the famous team of the Tales series.

It’s a real experience.
Veteran designer Mutsumi Inomata designed Velvet herself and animated the breathtaking cut scene of the game using a famous animation studio. Players can expect new and emotional storytelling in a unique way.

Linear Motion Combat System
LMBS returns with a fairy tale series called Liberation-LMBS. Players are free to roam the field and turn cameras at will. Use physical and magical attacks to defeat enemies with Artes techniques that offer many different effects.
Turn on the soul gauge and take the soul away from the fallen enemy, releasing the character’s break soul attack, exceeding the combo limit and giving a unique effect to the battle. For example, velvet’s brake soul transforms the arm into a rooster. Exploitation of different elements occurs depending on enemy type.


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