Go beyond the desolate world.

Here’s the latest installment of the very popular God Eater action series!
• A style battle with the new God Arc!
Expand your close-range arsenal with two-handed God Arc “Bitting Edge” and two-handed moon axes “Heavy Moon,” or fight the new “Ray Gun” God Arc from afar!
• New powers for exciting battles!
Ground, Air, and Step attacks evolve into powerful technologies with Burst Arts, and the new Dive Dash attack allows you to hunt free-moving aragami!
• Horrible new threat: Ash Aragami and Divor attacks!
Ash Aragami, a dangerous new enemy, can enter burst mode using a divor attack and increase their power exponentially! These enemies should not be belittled, but should take your weapons and games to the next level!

■ Swing your opponent into a lightning-fast battle!
Sinark is a weapon that can be transformed to destroy, shoot, and devour all the aragami in your way! Use a variety of custom components to create your own God Arc by selecting one of the eight melee forms, one of the four in total, and one of the three shields.

■ Defeat your enemies with stylish techniques such as Burst Arts and Dive Attack!
Burst art is a powerful special attack that can be carried out on land, in the air, or while evading! Complement your combat style by choosing from a variety of Burst Arts!
When you charge at an enemy at high speed, a diving attack turns your signal into a shield. You can also use them when you go around the battlefield!
Use these techniques and other techniques to develop your own style of play against Aragami!

■ Experience dramatic stories in which you are the main character!
Take on the role of a new adaptive instructor to survive in a tough world. Guess the looks of your characters, including faces, hairstyles, and costumes, before you climb into the desolate world and find out what you’re preparing for on the road ahead!

■ Meet your friends in person through local communication!
The Nintendo Switch’s local communication feature allows you to multi-play with up to three other people! Join forces with your friends to progress the story and gather materials for your God’s arc!


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