Nothing is set like every sandbox game. Collecting resources, building houses, building things, and exploring are all free. What comes out is a mixture of fantasy, SF, and modern things, making it difficult to distinguish genres except sandboxes. Most monsters look like fantasy, and there are many monsters in novels and horror movies. Since the playtime is extremely long, 80 to 100 hours until the final boss is the standard playtime even if the public is played one round of softcore.

Building a house is very simple thanks to the 2D function. If you make it into an appropriate square, it will be completed. Of course, it’s okay to build a regular square house, but since the game is a game, you have to work hard to build a unique house that you like. Built by applying the topographical features of the house, blocks and walls set in 2D, it features hundreds of different types of blocks and wall tiles, and can create hundreds of colors and textures in addition to paint and special blocks. You can also build a unique house like the tree house in the trailer.

Unlike Minecraft, where world size is theoretically infinite in the horizontal direction, world horizontal size itself is finite. Instead, unlike Minecraft, which has extremely deep verticality and digs 64 to 128 blocks, it needs to dig at least 1,000 blocks to make the floor smaller. The basement is filled with various elements, including traps, treasure chests, and ruins.


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