Civilization 6 gathering storm ALL DLC FREE DOWNLOAD

Sid Meyer’s Civilization ® VI: Crowd Storms
The surrounding world is more realistic than ever in the second expansion pack of stormy civilization VI.
Develop new advanced technology and engineering projects, negotiate important issues with the global community at world competitions, and move toward victory.
Players’ choices in the game affect the global ecosystem and can have a significant impact on the global future.
Natural disasters such as floods, storms, and volcanoes can loot or destroy facilities and special areas, but after natural disasters pass, the land can be fresh and fertile.
Civilization 6 In a storm cluster, eight new civilizations and nine new leaders appear in addition to the new system. It can build the Seven Wonders of the World and produce a variety of new units, special zones, buildings and facilities.
Environmental Impact:

Volcanic eruptions, storms (blizzard, sandstorms, tornadoes, hurricanes), climate change, floods and droughts.
Technology and Social Systems in the 21st Century:
A new era has been added to the technological and social framework. Address new environmental impacts with a variety of ideas, such as moving populations into systems and developing technologies to re-collect carbon emissions.
New Leaders and Civilizations:
New eight civilizations and nine leaders will be added. In addition to providing unique bonuses and gameplay, it features a total of nine unique units, four separate buildings, three separate facilities, two distinctive districts and one special governor.

New content:
The world’s seven wonders, seven natural wonders, 18 facilities, 15 dongs, nine dongs, five special zones, two cities, nine technologies, and ten social systems have been newly added.
Enhanced game execution systems:
New options have been added to the information system, cultural and scientific victories have been updated, and new historical moments have been added. Further improvements have also been made to existing other systems.


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