■ Is this Pokemon Square? Let’s go to Nemoru Island and find the treasure. Square Island shows the whole world of “Square”!
The story stage is a square island where everything is revealed in the world of the square.
The main character’s purpose is to find a great treasure that is said to be asleep on this island.
Challenge Treasure Exploration with “Square” Pokemon!

■Touch & Battle! Enjoy noisy battles with simple manipulation!
Exploring this dangerous island requires Pokemon power.
When wild Pokémon appears, let’s continue to knock them down in a noisy fight with fellow Pokémon!

■ Create your own team with your Pokemon colleagues!
Use items you picked up in the expedition to make Pokemon colleagues or strengthen Pokemon.
Let’s increase our colleagues or build my own team and explore.

■ Let’s decorate the base camp with a cute ‘shape change product’.
Decorate the base camp underlying the exploration with a fun and cute ‘shape change product’.
These “shape-changing products” can also make island exploration more effective.


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