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At the Pokémon Masters EX, they team up with famous trainers throughout Pokémon history to prepare for a completely new tackle on the Battle of Pokémon. Mobile games are a collaboration between Pokémon Company and DeNA, offering fans the opportunity to take a whole new adventure by reuniting with the Pokémon video game Gym Leaders and Champions for a long time.

Welcome to Pasio!

The Pokemon EX takes place on the artificial island of Pasio. In Passio, Pokemon and their trainers share a special bond. Many famous trainers from all regions who have appeared in Pokémon video games are gathering in Passio with their partner Pokémon to form their own synchronization pairs.

You are the main character of the Pokemon Masters EX, and you will have an exciting adventure with your Pokemon partner. In the process, I will meet various trainers, make new friends, and work with them while talking. When you get acquainted with other synchronized pairs, you can set up your own team and aim to become the champion of the Pokemon League tournament in Pasio.

team up with a famous trainer

Meeting and working with formidable trainers from other regions is a key element of the Pokemon Masters EX, bringing an interesting twist to the game’s story. The synchro pair she will meet at Pasio include legendary Pokémon trainer Red, his Charizard, power trainer Blue and Fiji Clothes, Shino champion Cynthia and her Gacomp.

Battle of Pokemon 3-3

Join forces with other synchronization pairs to engage in the Battle of Pokemon! The battle of the Pokemon Masters EX takes place in real time, 3–3. Moving gauges can be refilled over time, which could lead to a strong attack next time. In addition, in the battle of the Pokémon Masters EX, the player will be able to direct the attack to Pokémon as usual, and the trainer will be able to use his movements and healing items for the first time in the battle. Moving trainers can increase Pokemon statistics or have other effects. You need to develop a new strategy with multiple synchronization pairs disconnecting at the same time!


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