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Set in 1886, the game is an alternate history game set in London, which tells the story of British church royalty fighting unknown monsters.

4.1. Lord Galahad
His real name was Grayson, and he got the name Galahad as the Knight of the Round Table. It looks like middle-aged, but it is believed to have lived for hundreds of years by the power of Blackwater. Others don’t know, but she’s half in love with Igraine, and she’s close to her brother Alaster Allaster. While fighting insurgents, they suspect the operation of weapons that have just begun to be supplied to the Knights. In cooperation with rebel leader Lakshmi, he infiltrated an integrated Indian company and learned the identity of Prince Hastings, but was sentenced to death in the trap of mixed-race Lukhan. After his imprisonment, he ran away from torture that continued day after day and ran into a dead end before jumping into the river. Later, with Tesla’s help, he managed to recover, became a member of the rebels, attacked Order alone, tied a knot in a duel with Lord Lucan, and quit the article in the epilogue.

4.2. Lord Percival
Sir, my real name is Sebastian Mallory. He may be in his 60s, but according to the leader, he has lived for centuries. The character appears to have been inspired by Thomas Mallory, author of “The Death of King Arthur”.

An old friend of Lord Galahad, and I quite liked the order. Thanks to this, he leads Galahad’s party as a leader. I hate rebels and at the same time I think they’re plotting. The Colt Dragon Revolver Magnum is not a regular Knight’s C96 pistol. In Operation Agamemnon, in the midst of a war, he fails to persuade the rebel destroyer and dies of self-destruction by the destroyer. His title was succeeded by the Marquis Lafayette.

4.3. Lady Grain
The name of the article is King Arthur’s mother, Mrs. Ygrain. He is the youngest knight in this order, and his real name is Isabo. From Galahad, it is often called Ishi.

Astaster, whose father is Baron Augustus, the chief, is the chief. Like Alastair, he adopted a body, not a biological father, and Lord Augustus adopted two children, raised them as knights, and was in charge of Igraine’s education.

  1. Marquis of Lafayette
    I think this character brought the mother-in-law of France and the United States. GALAHAD: ‘The most American Frenchman’.

He went through the American Revolutionary War and the French Revolution, becoming a freedom-loving democrat, a respected war hero, and being coached by Lord Percival. He then helped the Galahad Party as apprentice, and after Lord Percival’s death he officially inherited the knighthood. Eventually, Galahad, who was framed as a traitor by a traitor in a trap set by a traitor in the Knights, met again at a bar in Whitechapel, but based on the enlightenment he learned and gained during the revolution, admitted his ideas and sent him away believing in his innocence. Handsome and eloquent, most of the few women in the game flutter.

4.5. Nikola Tesla
The motif is Nicola Tesla, real. It looks like a young man, not a middle-aged mustache, as we know well. In exchange for technical skills, it supports a variety of equipment for ordering.High-tech weapons, acrens, and electric guns in the second half are also his works. Even in this view of the world, he scribbled the devil on the back of the newspaper because he still didn’t get along with Edison. The accent is unusual because he is not British, and when Lord Galahad looks at the picture above and says, “So, how are you doing with your friend Edison?” Oh, no… He doesn’t seem like a friend… He’s a fool!” said Tesla, who opened the door, “by turning Edison’s humble direct flow into my superior exchange.Tesla is the one who handed over weapons to the rebels in advance. Galahad, who falls into the river, is rescued with a mysterious man to feed him black water. He is attacked by Lord Lukan, who knew of the insurgency but escaped from the city with Galahad’s help.

4.6. Sir Lukan
This is the brother of the Knight and Yang. My real name is Alster. Unlike his father, he has a flexible mind, allowing Lord Percival to enter Whitechapel to investigate the rebellion. Sir Galahad seems to help attack Indian integration companies, but hits him in the back of the head and makes him a traitor. But in fact, Lukan was of mixed descent and Lord Augustus knew it and accepted Lukan as his adopted son. Lucan was a traitor in the Order. Later, he revealed himself and lost a one-on-one duel with Galahad, and was killed by Galahad after being handed a pistol to Sir Augustus at the scene.

4.7. Sir Augustus
His full name is Baron Augustus Dargil. The knight who went on an expedition to find the Holy Grail with King Arthur was alive for a very long time by its power.


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