Yonder The Cloud Catcher Chronicles FREE DOWNLOAD PC VERSION

Open World Single Adventure Game. It features warm and cute graphics. Contributing to the island through farming, crafting, cooking, fishing, and brewing can increase the level of relationship with the residents, who offer everything from resources to new farms as a reward. Surrounded by intimate yet unique adventures at the heart of Yonder, it offers the fun of discovery!

It is the story of a protagonist wrecked and devastated on the Golmian continent. The goal is to find sprite and get rid of all the fog while exploring the hemostatic continent. Strangely, there are no monsters or weapons that harm the main character. Therefore, there is no punishment for death, and returning to the site before death is over. You can get jobs and make things in many villages, rebuild abandoned farms and grow plants and animals. You can also get various tools, foods, ingredients, etc. by solving various explorations. There is a store, but there is no currency. Trading in stores is only possible through barter.

It is divided into eight areas. Each region has different climates and characteristics, including grasslands, Hartwind Valley, Crestfall Beach, Dafflewood Forest, Numino Peak, Radiant Sand, Thunderwind Wild, and Sea Burring Planes.


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