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It is an open world format with most maps connected and some degree of freedom, such as the GTA, Fallout series, and Elder Scroll series. However, compared to those two game series mentioned earlier, the map is somewhat narrow, the number of cities, villages, dungeons, etc. is very small, and the freedom is limited to map exploration, battle, adventure, and battle-oriented quests.

Dragon’s Dogma Set in a Huge Open World: The Dark Agenda offers a rewarding action battle experience. Players embark on a grand adventure in a rich, living world with three AI colleagues known as Ponce. These partners demonstrate skills and abilities developed based on the characteristics learned by each player and fight independently. PC users can share these phones online and earn rewards for treasures, tips, and strategy hints to defeat threatening enemies. A pawnshop can also be rented when specific skills are needed to complete various challenge quests.

Dynamic Combat Experience – Cut off Hydra’s four heads, climb to the top of Griffin and fight in the air, or find and defeat dragons and other creatures.
Numerous content – includes all previously released DLCs, pre-order bonuses, retailer-exclusive, and Dark Incised extended content. It features highly acclaimed combat experience and rich customization, and features a huge underground world to explore with terrifying monsters.
Custom Options Gallery – You can choose from nine different tasks, including a variety of skill options, upgrades and enhanced armor for each player, and a phone colleague who can train to suit your desired combat style.
Amazing visuals – beautiful high-res graphics and enhanced fidelity.
Full Steam Platform Support – Includes Steam Performance, Steam Cloud Save, Trading Card, Leaderboard, Big Picture Mode Support

Extended Controller Support – In addition to supporting traditional keyboard and mouse controls, the game natively supports other DirectInput-based game pads such as Xbox 360, Xbox One, Steam Controller and Dual Shock Controller.
New achievements – 9 new achievements for both the new Dragon’s fans and the returned Dragon’s fans! Ready to dig deep into Viter Black Island.


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