In this joint 3D Sandbox Action RPG, you can increase your character level, build cool weapons, and subdue your enemies in real time to solidify your position as a portal driver.

Explore dozens of randomly created islands! Build almost everything! You and your friends are the only hope in a world promulgated and destroyed by the Hollow King!

Enjoy your adventure. Act like a hero. Become the best portal article ever!
Key Features

Play as a warrior, wizard, or security guard, then customize your appearance, abilities, and equipment. Level up to meet amazing new talent!

You can make almost anything using dozens of materials and furniture, including NPC! Open your personal island to store your precious belongings, make your castle and show it off to your friends!

Defeat the enemy with real-time tactical combat! Carefully consider your enemy’s unique strengths and weaknesses when choosing between a variety of weapons, spells, and special abilities!

Use mysterious portals to move between dozens of randomly generated 3D sandbox worlds. Collects formidable resources from caves, lakes, and dungeons filled with surprises.

Play games with your friends on a 4-player collaborative multiplayer or 2-player split screen. Work together to build a phenomenal architecture and explore dangerous dungeons or play individually.

Make your own island! Create amazing structures easily and quickly in Creative Mode and share them with your friends at Steam Workshop!

Van Kish of Great Britain – the most vicious and dangerous “boss” creature in the world. Each of them has a terrible hiding place.

Explore a world full of colorful characters, help explore, and bring them to your castle!

Get exclusive items to complete quests and challenge ever-changing environments during random events throughout the broken world.


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