Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIV ALL PACK FREE DOWNLOAD

Struggle for land where new strategies are born: from point to plane!
The vast land of China is represented by a realistic map, and its characteristics are beautifully reproduced with CG. The huge map consists of 46 cities and about 340 areas. The area is a collection of detailed territories, and land struggles are intuitively expressed through color scheme. Players can conquer the territory to unify the land and fly their colors more sophisticated and freely.

New strategies created by maintaining supply lines and front lines
When the army marches and the march origin city is connected to the land controlled by the athletes, supply lines are maintained and troops can fight with enough supplies provided to them. However, if the connection to the marching city is lost, the supply line will be cut off and the troops will weaken, which will inevitably lead to a mess. Securing supply lines is an essential part of maintaining the front.
Administration changes completely with principles and unique policies!
Players can organize administration, which is the center of power, into elements that extend the player’s strategy. Administration is displayed on the organization chart, and as retained executives are added to the organization, various commands and effects can be obtained. It is important to create an administration that fits your strategy.
More than 150 “characters” and over 1,000 officers – the most in the series!

More than 1,000 unique officers, the largest in the series, will participate in the game, and each officer will be given a “character” (character). It has more than 150 characters, some useful in combat and some useful in administration. Some officers have strong and unique personalities, and placing appropriate officers in appropriate positions will help shorten the way of conquering the territory.


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