Just as men and women are naked, frozen to death, and starving on the coast of a mysterious island called ARK, you must hunt, harvest resources, craft, grow crops, study technology, and create shelter to withstand elements. Use your craftiness and resources to kill, tame or reproduce dinosaurs and primitive creatures roaming the land, team up with hundreds of other animals, or survive and rule as prey. Run! Run!

Dinosaurs, creatures, and breeding! — more than 100 creatures can be domesticated through a challenging capture-like process. It weakens wildlife, makes it unconscious, and then restores health with proper food. Once tamed, you can give orders to follow depending on how well you tame and train. Continuing to level up and consume food, Thames can also carry inventory and equipment such as armor, transport food back to residence according to their power, and take direct control in larger games! Fly pterodactils over snowy mountains, lift allies over red walls, race through the jungle with a group of Raptors, race enemy bases along a giant Bronthosaurus, chase prey along a fierce Tyrannosaurus, or engage in a dynamic ecosystem life cycle with its own predators and prey classes.Forms among many species struggling for dominance and survival also allow games to mate with opposite genders to selectively reproduce successive generations using trait schemes based on recombinant genetic genes. This process includes both egg culture and mammalian pregnancy life cycle! Or, more simply, raise the babies!

In order to survive, they must eat and drink, and various kinds of plants and meat have different nutritional properties, including human meat. Providing fresh water to homes and inventories is an urgent matter. All physical measures cost food and drinking water, so long journeys carry a survival risk! Inventory weight slows movement, and day/night cycles, along with random weather patterns, change the temperature of the environment, adding to another challenge, causing hunger or thirst faster. Build fire or shelter to protect yourself from location damage and extreme temperatures using a dynamic indoor/outdoor insulation calculation system and create a variety of custom clothing and gloves!


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