The 30th anniversary of the series, “Samgukji 13,” is a work that allows visitors to experience Yeonggul’s activities at all stages under the concept of “Samgukji, Baekhwayoran’s Yeonggeol Theater.””
You can experience the world of the Three Kingdoms more than now, such as “human drama,” which is clearly depicted in the colorful lives and battles of young girls, and “spectacle,” which recreates the grand scale of the Three Kingdoms in battles such as water and siege.
The player can become a young girl in “The Three Kingdoms” and make his own story as the main character of history.

Lowest position in power. Unlike the middle class, they cannot give orders to other armed men, but they can rise to a higher position by receiving a mission or proposing to their superiors to improve their performance. Comrade’s mission is available in PK.

There is something to be careful about when performing a mission. No matter what the boss takes on, he will accept it unconditionally. Sometimes beginners say, “I’m a military officer, but I’m a civil servant. There are occasions when you refuse a mission by saying, ‘I have to propose another mission,’ which can be quite annoying. From the time the mission is denied, every boss rejects the offer without giving the player any duties for the time being. If you offered me a mission that I refused hastily, I would say this. “Is that a mission you refused to offer? The same goes for other properties by proposing to move to the monarch. It is easy to think of it as a diplomatic punishment that is limited in use for a certain period of time.

The reason why this situation occurs is that the player refuses to perform efficiently, but is treated as a class name in the game. In fact, it is inconceivable in those days to refuse work without good reason. I wish Koay had introduced a system in which players could refuse their duties through a war of words.

All beginners need to know is a meeting without punishment even if they refuse. Keep in mind, as an alternative to receiving tasks that have yet to be done, the proposed allocation quota can be approved when the monarch is asked to attend a meeting, taking advantage of the automatic release of the task. It may also be useful to take advantage of the fact that all duties of the participating general are lifted without penalty.


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