Tales of Arise depicts the journey and events in which the protagonist ‘Alpen’ and the heroine ‘Sion’ regain freedom on the planet Dana ruled by Lena. Alpen and Shion work together for the same purpose, but gradually change their minds as they meet colleagues with their own stories. Of course, the journey was not smooth, and the story reached a climax as he gradually found out his identity, and the full story of the events that occurred between the two planets, Dana and Lena, unfolds.

For 300 years, Lena ruled Dana, plundering resources and depriving people of their dignity and freedom.

Our story begins as two people born in different worlds change their fates and create a new future.

With a variety of characters, an intuitive and rewarding combat system, and an engaging story set in a fun combat world, Tales of Arise provides the ultimate JRPG experience.


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