Demon slayer hinokami FREE DOWNLOAD ALL DLC

Become a sword that destroys blood!

In the solo play mode, my sister, Nezuko, who was killed by her family and turned into blood.
You can experience the story of Kamado Tanjiro in the animation The Blade of Deafness, which fights against blood!

Busus Mode is a 2vs2 combination of two of the characters in the main animation, including Tanjiro Kamado and Nezuko Kamado.
Up to two people can enjoy Daejeon offline or online! Let’s play pleasantly with simple manipulation and become the strongest blood-throated hunter!
Deluxe edition set.
“Devil’s Blade Hinokami Blood Story” main game.
Early opening, Deaf Academy, Kamado Tanjiro, Deaf Academy, Kamado Nezuko, Deaf Academy, Agatsuma Zenits, Deaf Academy, Hashibira Inosuke.
In-game outfit “Butterfly Mansion Patient’s Clothes” (Kamado Tanjiro & Agatsuma Zenits & Hashibira Inosuke)
Avatar “Tanjiro Kamado,” “Nezuko Kamado,” “Jenitsu Agatsuma,” “Inosuke Hashibira,” “Kiyu Tomioka,” “Kochou Shinobu,” “Renoku Kyojuro,” “Ukodaki Sakonji,” “Sabito,” “Makomo,” and “Tanjiro Kamado (Hinokamita)
Elimination point (8,000 points)
High-resolution PC background.

General set.
“Devil’s Blade Hinokami Blood Story” main game.
Early opening of “Devastating Academy, Kamado Tanjiro”.
Avatar, “Kamado Tanjiro”, “Kamado Nezuko”.
High-resolution PC background.


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