Monster Hunter Stories is an RPG that allows you to become a rider who connects and raises monsters and coexists, and adventures the world of Monster Hunter.

In the latest work Monster Hunter Story 2, in a world where all Rio Reus has flown somewhere, a magnificent story surrounding the wings of destruction begins by the fateful encounter between the main character of the great Rider Red and the Yongin girl who was asked for eggs.


A festival night held in Mahana Village, the center of Hakolo Island.
Rio Reus around the world disappears.

The protagonist, the grandson/granddaughter of Red and the rider of Red, who is called the god of the island, builds experience as a freshman rider, meets Ena, a Yongin girl who knows Red, and leaves the island to protect the eggs of Lioreus, which Suho’s Zeus entrusted to Ena.


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