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It feels like Zelda’s legend Bres of the Wild, Pokemon Sword, and Shield are mixed. Unlike the two games, which are “cartoon” rendering, the Japanese-style feel stands out. Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, which were released simultaneously, are evaluated relatively well because they receive a lot of negative reviews in terms of graphics.

Semi-open world game in which people venture to the field to carry out several “requests” in a village that becomes a base. Various requests such as exploration, collection, production, and subjugation are carried out, and the more the player’s “rank” increases as he encounters Pokemon, which is still unknown, and the wider the adventure becomes. In addition to the increase in the level limit for Pokemon to listen to, teaching skills and craft recipes are prohibited together, so it is possible to delay the story from the beginning and venture freely. In other words, it is up to you whether to proceed quickly or to develop and enjoy it slowly.

Due to the nature of the genre, some voices were added to the main character for the first time in the series. It does not recite lines, but is limited to the sound of shouts when you are out of breath after sprinting, throwing monster balls, and the sound of pain when you are damaged.

One day, a 15-year-old protagonist suddenly hears the shining call of a mysterious being and falls beyond time and space to the past Sino area and Heath area.[2] The protagonist, devastated by his only clothes and smartphones, renovated his Arseus phone. By chance, he meets Dr. Raven and three starting Pokémon nearby, and at the recommendation of Dr. Surrey to skillfully capture Pokémon who fled in an instant with a monster ball, the protagonist decides to become an investigator of the galaxy.

Characters of unselected gender appear in the names of Young-bin and Yoon-seul and become assistants for the main character. In line with the concept of the Shino region in the past, he wears clothes in the form of a combination of Inu’s traditional clothes from Hokkaido and Japanese traditional clothes that became the motif of the Shino region.

Uniquely, the main characters belong to an organization called the Galaxy Group, so the sleeves of the main characters’ clothes have patterns similar to the logo of the Galaxy Group.

It is also described as the most active protagonist of all time at the age of 15 in line with the main work, which travels around various environments and performs various actions such as being attacked by Pokemon.


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