Dinosaurs A Prehistoric Adventure 2 PC FREE DOWNLOAD

Dinosaur Prehistoric Adventure 2 is a single-player action RPG that can be played with 30 kinds of dinosaurs, each with its strengths and weaknesses. Dinosaur World Prehistoric Adventure 2 includes a wide range of areas for players to explore, from deep swamps to calm beaches, flooded forests to high mountains, dry deserts to cold winter land. Dinosaur Prehistoric Adventure 2 further strengthens the core RPG elements of the game, giving players the ability to customize each dinosaur and overcome unique challenges. Dinosaur Prehistoric Adventure 2 includes two main modes: an adventure mode in which players can play as dinosaurs and explore multiple maps, and an exhibition mode in which they can get more information about in-game creatures.

Dinosaur World Prehistoric Adventure 2 takes players to the post-apocalypse world where pods explode and toxic substances are released into the atmosphere. The rapid increase in poison in the air turns some residents into mutant violence that is causing great damage to the land. And while most of the guardians were defeated, numerous pods exploded across several regions. We must destroy this pod before more people fall victim to corruption.


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