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Being a DIK is an indie game produced by Dr Pink Cake, who created acting lessons, and released it on February 14, 2020. It is a visual Nobel genre game similar to Life is Strange and Walking Dead. It is a story about Sikh’s own tendency to go through various things to join a club called DIK and relate to women around him.

It has a lot of stories, and it’s a big volume to be called an adult game. The advantage is that it not only makes friends with the heroine, but also melts various things to enjoy, such as college life and friendship with club members, has a solid storytelling structure surrounding the protagonist, and complies with CG graphics and motion. And it is highly praised by Steam for its huge music. I bought it thinking it was an ordinary adult game, but many say it was fun because the story was surprisingly good.

Each update is divided into one season and four seasons. So far, season 1 and season 2 have been released with a total of eight episodes. The volume of season 2 is larger than that of season 1. Season 3 is currently under development, and Interlude before Episode 9 has been released.


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