It is the largest and highest level of combat in the world.
“King of Fighters”.

A mysterious bus suddenly appeared at the last stadium and destroyed the stadium.
The bus was defeated by the efforts of the champions.
Time has passed since the last tournament, which ended in a storm, and the next KOF will be held by a new organizer.

On the other hand, by Kagura Chizuru, who discovered something that interfered with the seal of the earth doctor Orochi,
Kusanagi Kyo and Yagami Iori will form a team to participate in the KOF.

Amid various suspicions, fighters revived in the bus defeat also participated in the KOF.
Once again, a storm is approaching…

Training (Training, Training)
Online: You can play against other players online. Ranking matches and casual matches are available after 3 tutorial matches with CPU.Rollback netcodes apply to netcodes in online mode.
Ranking Match (Rank Match): Win or lose ★ and enter the free match mode when 5 ★ is gathered. If you win three out of five games in pre-promotion mode, you will be promoted to the next level. At the top of the screen, the grades are displayed in the order of Beginner – Martial Arts – Master – Master – Master – Master – Master – Master – King – Kwon Hwang – Champion. In the first championship every day, two ★s are won, and in grades other than the champion, they do not lose ★ only in the first defeat every day. It will only be played in a team match (3 to 3).
Casual match: There is no change in ranking depending on the outcome, and it will only be played in a team match (3 to 3).

Neo Land (room match): Create a conference room where you can play either team matches, single matches, party matches, or draft matches. Up to eight people can enter, and for one game, up to five rounds can be set.
Online Training (Online Training): Online training mode with other players.
Playback: You can download, play, and view your own or other player’s play. During replay playback, it is possible to activate command input information, attack damage, and whether to display stunts of both players, so that playback can be performed in units of frames.
Profile: You can check ranking match history and fair play scores, manage team and single match registration characters through battle settings, or change the name displayed in your profile.
LEADERBOARD: You can check the ranking matches and story mode rankings of players around the world.

DJ STATION – You can enjoy the BGM included in this work, and you can change the BGM you want during the battle.
Mission – Each character will be given a trial version. Like the previous one, there are five trial combos per character.
Gallery – It offers a variety of XV videos, character voices, and special movies directed by Masami Obari.
OPTION – Allows you to change game settings and key settings.


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