Gender can be chosen between men and women. In the case of male characters, as the facial hair grows and grows longer as they age, the change in appearance is relatively noticeable. Except for the hair color, the female character rarely wrinkles and hardly changes. Therefore, it is recommended to choose a male character according to the game concept. And in the preview, the production team seems to have played the male lead.

When the protagonist dies, he comes to life with the magical power of a leaf. The price of resurrection is that the body ages whenever the protagonist is revived. It does not only change its appearance, but it also has the effect of weakening its physical strength as it ages, so it seems that it is a combination of being a common master of the elderly in martial arts.[6] It is easy to see that the protagonist, who went on a revenge journey eight years after his father was killed, has become a grandfather older than the boss according to the player’s skills. The bosses are already well aware of the power of the talisman, so they are not surprised to see the protagonist who has become an old man. The goal is to survive as long as possible and walk on the path of revenge. Because if you’re too old, you die by the power of a talisman.

When the protagonist dies, the number of deaths displayed as skeleton icons increases, and when the protagonist dies consecutively, he gets older and older. This count can defeat strong enemies and reduce them. Without the player’s skills and skills, it is easy to die, so if you permanently release it with five skill repetitions, you can quickly release the character’s ability and clear it easily. For reference, even if the main character is too old to play the game or gives up the stage, the number of repetitive purchases for permanent release skills or permanent release remains the same, so if it is difficult, it is also a way to work on one or two sheets.

If you turn 70 due to repeated revival, you will run out of amulets, and if you die at this point, you will be game over and lose all progress on the current stage. Before the deadline is reached, you must complete all progress and re-run it from scratch using permanently released elements and shortcut elements obtained from stage clearing. Age, score, and factors that are raised to XP do not apply according to age groups. As you get older, you don’t have enough time for the rest of your age, making it difficult to play games, and your physical strength decreases, but your offense increases. If you want to go from young to young, you have to get back up from young to the boss of the previous stage. It would be more convenient to return with the skills gained from accumulated experience or to learn the pattern.

The main purpose of defense is to make a take-down finish by avoiding or blocking the back or waist while stacking structural gauges similar to Sekiro’s inter-body gauges. If the structure is full, the protagonist can also suffer great damage.In a system where the enemy looks like glass, many-to-one, weapons, back of the head, propulsion, thrust, and corners are very threatening. Therefore, it is constantly required to create an environment or situation that is easy to kill and easy to kill.

There’s a real ending. The end of the fire. In Step 2, you will be given the option to save the boss if you fill it twice without releasing the structure. You have to control your boss’s physical strength. Because if you use up your boss’s strength, you’ll kill him. If you don’t kill your bosses, and you don’t fill all the properties of the law, and you don’t challenge the sheep again, it’s really over.


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