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It is one of the many adventures of Sophie, an alchemist who left her hometown of Kirchen Bell and continued her journey. It depicts Sophie’s adventures, relationships with colleagues, and spiritual succession in search of her missing partner Flakhta in the world of Erder Bigger’s dreams.

[Points of this work]
■Turn J’s evolution and seamless battle!
It is designed to make games soft and fun, such as a multi-link turn battle divided into two teams and a seamless battle that quickly switches from a search screen to a battle screen. In addition, a variety of battle productions have been introduced, including “Dual Trigger,” a lethal weapon for two party members, so you can enjoy a lively battle that always excites the players.

■ You can enjoy the combination of two panels!
The combination of these works is a simple panel combination that places the material on the panel like a puzzle. In addition to the general panel that is not familiar with the combination, you can select and combine the reverse panel, which is a high-end panel that appears as the game progresses.
The reverse panel is a bit complicated, but if the material is properly placed, you can combine effective items that are not available on the regular panel.

■Let’s manipulate the weather and explore a new path!
Due to the constant weather conditions in each region, “Elder and Iger” can use specific tools to manipulate the weather. If you manipulate the weather, you can do various things in the same field, so let’s find a new place to change the weather as needed. Also, the collection materials may be changed depending on the weather conditions…


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