It is a new game developed by Tango Games, the developer of the Evil Widin series, and distributed by Bethesda Softworks, and an action adventure game newly released in E3 2019.

The background tells the story of a fight between the living and the dead in Tokyo, where a mysterious massive disappearance occurred. Armed with mysterious and splendid abilities, exorcists must now investigate the origin of the incident and fight against the ancient Japanese demons behind it.

On February 2, 2022, Preview Embago was leaked. In order to defeat the goblins who occupied Tokyo, he and his sister were caught in the background of the game and almost killed by the goblins. Akito, the devil hunter and protagonist of the exorcist KK, is said to be the story of an exorcist who cooperates with his help and technology to bring Tokyo’s ghost residents back to human beings.

Akito, along with KK, sees, purifies, and eradicates the mysterious existence called Marevito, confronts evil spirits and Marevito, and gains the spirituality of finding out the cause of the situation. Eventually, the ultimate goal of the game is to defeat Hannah, the main culprit of all events and the head of the devil, and save her sister and family, who are in danger of being destroyed in a spiritual state like elsewhere in the city.


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