Rogue Legacy is back! But now there’s a 2 at the end!

Log Legacy 2 is a genealogical log light. This means that there is all the traffic of a typical bully (randomized execution, character change, etc.), but there are continuous upgrades and constant death heirs. Your legacy defines you in this game. Spend your parents’ inheritance, raise your family’s manor, or give your children a better chance to fight. Each child has its own characteristics and abilities. Your daughter could be a ranger She could be a vegetarian It’s a new experience every time. Rogue Legacy 2 lets you play the way you want. Quickly, quickly, quickly, and deeper into a randomly generated world. Or grow your character slowly and steadily until you’re ready to take on a bigger challenge.

Every adventure is unique

Every time you enter Kingdom, a new monster, a new trap, a new layout awaits you. It is a world in which improvisation, not memorization, is the key to success.


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