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“Baek Herojeon,” which will be released in 2023, depicts the story of the war like a fantasy guardian exhibition, and is conducted as a military drama that views a single story from various perspectives. Prior to this, Baek Hero’s Exhibition: Rising is a previous work about the pre-war era. It also tells the story of a fellow character who will appear at the Baek Hero exhibition.

Baek Hero: Rising is mainly set in New Navarre. Although it was an ordinary village with a small mine on the Allen continent, adventurers and merchants from all over the world visited as the remains of the rune hidden deep underground were revealed at the same time as the great earthquake. There is also CJ, one of the main characters of the work. CJ, a young girl from the Scavenger family who called herself a treasure hunter, visited the scene to find a huge treasure for the family’s death.

Here, he explores dungeons and rebuilds villages in search of treasures, revealing hidden deep-rooted plots, along with acting mayor Isha and Garu, a fierce and terrifying adventurer with a huge knife, on behalf of his missing father.


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