Frei Holland, who escaped New York and was trapped in Asia, a breathtaking world, by unknown forces. Her arms are filled with a magical bracelet that somehow makes her think and speak for herself, and she even has the ability to use powerful magic and cross the vast land of Asia. Frey gives the new golden companion the nickname “Cuff” and begins his journey home.

Key Features

Beautiful and Brutal Open World –
Explore the vast expanse of Asia, filled with brilliant graphics and cutting-edge technology, as well as creatures from this world.

A variety of customizable magic –
From fast and thrilling play to strategic and systematic play. Defeat evil monsters using a variety of powerful magic to enjoy a variety of play styles.

Intuitive parkour reinforced by magic –
Climb walls, climb canyons, jump from dizzying heights, and sprint across vast stretches of land. Frey’s special ability makes it easy and smooth to cross the open world.


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