Like a Dragon Ishin PC FREE DOWNLOAD

Wear the clothes and weapons of the elite and become the legendary samurai Sakamoto Ryoma.

Deluxe Edition offers additional resources to challenge and overcome travel. The deluxe edition includes::
Shinsen-gumi Captain
Ryoma Growth Support Kit
Sword Upgrade Material Kit
Gun Upgrade Material Kit
3rd Division Armed Expansion Kit
the dragon of Dojima’s

Here are three additional weapons to help us pave the way for the revolution.:
Gijinmaru Kunishige, a black sword with a white handle
Blood-soaked sword Tsuyano Uskurenai
Black Ship Cannon, a cannon taken from a Western ship

In the 1860s, Kyo was plagued by widespread inequality, and a samurai would change the course of history as he sought justice. Take Ryoma Sakamoto’s sword and go on an adventure to Kyoto to find your father’s killer, clear him of the charge, and restore his honor. In doing so, you will put an end to the samurai era and change Japan’s future forever. Pull out the blade, load the pistol, and join the revolution in this hot historical adventure that only the creator of the Yakuza can create: like a dragon.


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