Wake up, son. Now please this father.
In the city of Krat, which has turned into hell
Geppetto’s doll, you have to face your enemies.

The city of Krat, which enjoyed its heyday with Ergo’s discovery
It became a place of terrible tragedy in a moment due to the rush of dolls.
Many people died and those who survived just vaguely wait for this to end.

Just then, a sleeping doll wakes up to the whisper of a blue butterfly.
And across the city of Krat, where the blood tragedy is taking place, they search for Geppetto.
Geppetto, a genius puppeteer, sees the tragedy in the city of Krat and tries to solve it.

You, Geppetto’s doll, inherited Geppetto’s will to solve the desperate situation in the city of Krat
I’m going on a journey against crazy dolls.


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