CYBERPUNK 2077 phantom liberty FREE DONWLOAD

Phantom Liberty is the new spy thriller adventure for Cyberpunk 2077. An orbital shuttle with the president of the New United States NUSA is shot down over the most dangerous area of Night City. You’re the only one who can save the president now. You have to become a cyberpunk mercenary V, jump into a net entangled with espionage and political intrigue, and dig into the story of the wild world of the highest power class and black market mercenaries.

Sneak into the city of Dogtown, dominated by gun-torn militias and ruled by an iron-fisted leader. With the help of NUSA undercover agent Solomon Reed (Idris Elba) and the support of Johnny Silverhand (Kianu Reeves), unlock the intricately twisted net with trampled loyalty, and use all your skills to survive in a world full of mean cheaters, shadowy netrunners, and ruthless mercenaries. Utilizing the performance of the next generation of hardware,

Phantom Liberty is packed with new gameplay mechanics and tense transportation tasks, commissions and missions. Feel through the thrilling main quest that freedom and loyalty always come at a price.


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