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More about DraStic
Drastic DS Emulator is a Nintendo android emulator that allows you to play all the Nintendo games on your phone. Using this emulator you can play almost all Nintendo games. And the best thing is that you do not need a rooted phone for it to work. If you have a standard phone with a minimum of 2GB ram then this app is for you.

This Nintendo emulator offers a lot of features like the ability to apply customizations, better game rendering, with high-end graphics. It also has the ability to support external hardware controllers. Saving your game progress is also a piece of cake with Google Drive backup and support.

Playing Nintendo Games on Drastic DS Emulator
You can also select different screen layouts to suit the game you’re playing (e.g. making on-screen larger than the other where the game focuses on using one screen in particular). Controls are handled via on-screen buttons and the emulator works with your touch screen in the same way it would on the DS so you can poke and prod menu items.

You can quickly swap between games by loading up different ROMs and they play very smoothly. So let’s say you are playing Advance Wars Dual Strike and you wanna switch to Mario Kart. Just click a button and you will jump games. Both will play smoothly and vice versa.


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