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This time, we will introduce the first story of the five main characters (Harukawa Akiyama appear together). Fukuoka, Sapporo, Osaka, Nagoya… … There is a new spark of uprising that the protagonists who live in different lives in various places will encounter. The story of the five people has enough volume to be composed of each independent work, and that alone will make it. And, how does it boil down to an event? Please check the answer in-game. April 2010.

To the Yakuza Organization Dong-Sex Association and the Ueno Torch Meeting Uprising
The case with the contents of the fire ignited was an example of a revelation by the upper level of the police, and the unexpected ending with the revelation of the upper level by the police.

Subsequently, organizational reform was carried out under the direction of Daigo Dojima, the 6th president of the Dongsung Association.
Signed an alliance with the old enemy Kansai’s largest organization, the Omi Alliance
I was trying to regain my former strong existence.

December 2012 time has passed. There is news that the health of the 7th president of the Omi Federation is in jeopardy.

With the death of the 7th president of the Omi Federation, peace between the same-sex association and the Omi Federation soon ended.
It means that the’East-West War’ will begin.

The Dongsung Association, urgently feeling the need to strengthen its organization in preparation for a situation that shook Japanese society as a whole, made a forbidden decision.

It is Hokkaido, Nagoya, and Fukuoka.
It was a grand plan that no one could achieve to form an organization as a’Daeoh US Alliance’ in partnership with indigenous organizations rooted in local megacities.

Negotiating a life-threatening alliance beyond jurisdiction.
However, Daigo Dojima left the pride of the same-sex council without regret and headed to Fukuoka to avoid the Great War.


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