Among Us hack version apk free download

Play online or over local WiFi with 4-10 players as you prepare to set off your spaceship, but be careful as one can be a scammer trying to kill everyone!

The crew can either complete all tasks or find a crook on the ship and vote to win.

Impostor can use disruptive behavior to create chaos, making it easier to get rid of and improve your alibi.

  1. Crew / Im poster view
  2. Kill Cooldown x
  3. Movement during the meeting
  4. Number of meeting calls
  5. Convene a meeting cool down x
  6. Close the door cool down x
  7. Sabotage Light
  8. Sabotage repair
  9. Touch distance adjustment
  10. Close the door (place)
  11. Speed ​​(adjustment)

** Host menu (only when the moderator is)

  1. Always Im Foster
  2. End the game (Im Foster wins)
  3. End the game (Crew One wins)
  4. Instant win (activated before start)
  5. End Voting
  6. Skin
  7. Petbu
  8. Hat
  9. No advertising
  10. No exit penalty
  11. Report increase
  12. Draw Approval
  13. Long kill range
  14. Player 2/3 = Im Foster


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