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Are you eligible to enter Valhalla? You were sent to Valheim, the 10th Nordic world. Only by defeating the mighty beasts of this earth can you gain divine favor. This quest takes you to remote places in this world, from the deepest forests to the highest mountain peaks. You will build powerful weapons, build strong castles, and sail long distances towards the horizon


Valheim is a game that explores a huge fantasy world inspired by Nordic mythology and Viking culture. Your adventure begins in the center of Valheim, which is relatively peaceful. The more you get away from the center, the harder the world becomes. But you can also find more valuable materials that you can use to craft more lethal weapons and more durable armor. You will also build your own Viking fortresses and outposts around the world. Eventually you will build a powerful longship and sail the great seas in search of exotic lands… But watch out for sailing too far…


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