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Like the previous Monster Hunter titles, Monster Hunter Rise allows players to take on the role of a hunter that uses a variety of weapons, tools, and environment features to kill or trap large monsters to survive attacks, dealing damage and weakening them. Upon successful completion of the offered quests, you can usually earn loot in the form of various monster parts of your monsters, which creates new armor and weapons that can be used to deal with more powerful monsters, forming a notable core loop of the series. Used. Several monsters in the series are returning with new monsters developed for Rise. Monster Hunter generation and all 14 weapon types that existed in the world will appear in Rise, a mixture of sword, shield, staff, bow, and gun prototypes.

Rise uses the same seamless map approach introduced in Monster Hunter: World. This is different from the zoning area approach commonly used in previous games in the series. As the title suggests, the map focuses more on vertical movement than in the previous game, giving players new tools to quickly support vertical scaling. One is the companion Palamute, a dog-like creature that players can ride without losing their stamina. Palamute can quickly expand cliffs and can even ride or perform attacks while fighting monsters with the player’s cat-like companion Palico. A new tool similar to Clutch Claw added to Monster Hunter World: Iceborne is Wirebug, which allows players to grind and swing across gaps or higher positions as needed.

Wirebug also has different interactions with each weapon type, and adds it to that weapon’s move and combo sets. In addition, Wirebug allows players to engage certain monsters in Wyvern Riding, allowing hunters to equip and control creatures with a limited amount to move to more suitable areas for battle or to engage in battles with other monsters.

Rise offers single player and both local and online multiplayer modes, with up to 4 hunters in one group. In single player mode, players hunt with both Palico and Palamute companions. In online mode, players can participate by choosing either Palico or Palamute.


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