The Remaster offers better graphics and frame rates than the original release. The remaster features an “unchanged” original level design. There are minor changes such as the location of the curled fingers and the new bonfire for Blacksmith Barmos, the option to change covenants in the bonfire.

Difference between Dark Souls and 2018 Remaster
5 major changes to the original Dark Souls
Online player capacity increased from 4 to 6 players.
Password matchmaking possible
Phantoms can heal themselves and spawn with half of the Estus they have in the world. (In the original game, only the host can heal ghosts with estus)
Human healing is disabled during the invasion.

Weapon matchmaking complements the range of soul-level matchmaking and soul-level matchmaking for some items. For more information, see Range Calculator. (Note: There seems to be an unreported change to the summon range for certain items in Remaster, especially Blue Eye Orb and Dragon Eye. So, I believe the Summon Range Calculator gives you accurate information until more information is available. No. Information on these items in relation to the scope of the Remastered Edition’s summons.)
Frame rate increased to 60 FPS instead of 30 FPS (except for the switch version in docked and handheld mode).
The resolution has been increased to 1080p, up to 4k native performance on the PC, and from 1800p to 4k on the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X.
When docked, the Switch’s resolution is displayed at adaptive 1080p (which changes depending on the game’s graphics strength) while it displays at 720p in handheld mode.

The graphics have been “customized” for the Nintendo Switch (as Nintendo talks about the Switch version).
In the Switch version, the sound of pressing any button on the title screen is most noticeably compressed and sounded.
The remaster was developed by QOLC and Virtuos, with From and Namco in the publishing role.
Bonfires have been added to the area where Blacksmith Barmos meets.
Dried fingers are purchased from undead merchants.


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