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It becomes the world within the universe as in the previous work, and after a long period of time has elapsed from the previous work, the story unfolds in the new area of ​​ Dr

It is in the same context as the previous work in that it takes the curse of immortality and the succession of fire as the subject, but unlike the previous work, which is increasingly increasing in the succession of fire, it has increased to the microscopic phenomena that occur to individuals due to the curse of immortality. Some of the characters you meet in Dr. Gleyg are affected by the curse of immortality and are both mentally and physically damaged, and if you proceed with a conversation with the character, you can see the process and the ending as the game progresses. There is. The protagonist will also experience the effects of the curse of immortality throughout the game with factors such as a death penalty that has been greatly strengthened than in the previous game.

After several kingdoms on Earth have repeatedly collapsed, the fire disappears again, and the curse of immortality spreads to the kingdom of Drengley. King Drek, who worships the mighty power, follows the advice of Queen Chandra to break the curse of immortality, invade the kingdom of giants with mighty power and plunder valuable means. But Bendrick finally brings the fire back to life, but as the war breaks out, Dr. Bendrick, who lost a country that was neither cursed nor determined, recognized that all this was the queen’s sword and knew it belatedly, and in the queen’s will, fire captured the forces of the abyss, and the altar held the king’s ring with the keys of the altar to stop the fire. Bell armed with his right arm while holding. Under Tad’s escort, he is trapped in an immortal cemetery. Queen Nashang-Dra believes in the legend of Bendrick and induces visiting warriors to greet the boys of the castle who want to approach the altar for a continuation of fire.


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