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An arrest group consisting of Hope County Sheriff’s Sheriffs and Federal Sheriff Burke attempts to arrest Joseph Sid, a cult priest named Eden’s Gate Study Group on charges of kidnapping and injuries. The deputy sheriff was rescued by a Preper named Dutch, but all were arrested by fanatics. Following Dutch’s advice to form a rebel, the Sheriff’s Deputy Sheriff rescues the kidnapped fellow, arrests Joseph Sid, and unites the rebels to face Eden’s Gate head-on.

Interviews with Mary May, Jerome Jeffreys, and the rising pseudo-religion Nick Rai’s Eden’s Gate Study Group, at the same time, a video of the state of the Gate Church in Eden and Shed Joseph Sid follows. Plays on your smartphone. In the video, there is a scene where Joseph Sid, who was preaching, pulls out the photographer’s eyes with his bare hands and kills him, saying he will betray him.

Who saw this video is the new Deputy Sheriff in the main character, Hope County Sheriff’s Office. Suddenly, Deputy Sheriff’s cell phone signal turns off. This is because Eden’s Gate takes over all of Hope County’s telecommunications facilities. The Deputy Sheriff is a member of the arrest squad, along with the Federal Sheriff and [10] other Hope County Sheriffs, arresting Joseph Sid while flying helicopters to Joseph Sid’s home. On the way, you will see a huge statue of Joseph Sid, reminiscent of the Brazilian giant Jesus.


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